The Vanderbilt Library - Revised Common Lectionary

A Lectionary is a suggested list of Bible readings for every day.  The Lectionary at the Vanderbilt lists the Bible Readings we hear in Church during Sunday service, which change over a 3-year cycle.

We generally read the Bible passages listed on the Vanderbilt page as 'Second Reading' and 'Gospel' during the Sunday morning services at St. Margaret's Church. If we are instead reading the 'First Reading or 'Psalm', it will be listed on the Services Diary page of this web site.

WYAD - Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales

This is a link to our Diocese's web site. Brian Daltrey writes:

'There is a lot of useful info on the new West Yorkshire and the Dales site and one can request the fortnightly e-news letter which I find most helpful.'